Friday, February 11, 2011

Stacy Schuler Appears In Court - Video - WLWT Cincinnati

Stacy Schuler Appears In Court - Video - WLWT Cincinnati

Watch this video, when she is leaving the courtroom you can test yourself and your ability to see micro expressions (sadness and anger). She is clearly 'wearing' her emotions on her face.◦


cliente #002 said...

I see the anger in the mouth but i can't see the disgust. Can you tell at what time is it?

Michael said...

I feel terrible for her. And as I remind myselft that it takes two to tango, I am also reminded of what expressions she probably had when she was commiting these acts.

adeel said...

I see a lot going on around the mouth area, i personally can't see anything much going on with her brows. I do however, see an increase in her blinking, whether that's an indicator of something. Maybe, she's trying to register it all, or she's doing some sort of an eye block.

That's basically my analysis. Hope I was on some sort of a right track.