Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Bachelorette: Homecoming Greeting

You can often learn about the strength of a relationship by the greeting. This is especially important in business, and most especially in negotiations. It can reveal things about each other's heart... and how comfortable they are with each other. Here we see the 4 finalists on the Reality show, "The Bachelorette" greet each other.

Ashley and Constantine

He does not seem excited, but she runs up to him. But one thing is, he is more into her than she is to him.

Ashley and Ames

Notice how they very quickly clear each other's personal space, this is a clear sign that there is not a sexual or even a friendly connection. Notice how when they walk together they are 3 feet from each other, not a normal distance you'd expect from a couple "dating."

Ashley and Ben

Definitely some excitement going on here, she is the most excited about meeting him and even jumps into his arms.  They remain close and and very comfortable being in each other personal space.  If I'd base the winner on only the greeting he would win.  I have to say something I have learned (because my wife and daughter force me to watch these shows so I can give them some insight who she likes the most, etc) that there is always a inner struggle to choose the perfect mate between sexual attraction and personality/demeanor/provider role attraction.  Ben wins the sexual attraction award for this Bachelorette.

Ashley and JP

JP is the first one she does not run up to, I believe this is because she knows he would not appreciate it,  because of his personality, she adopts a more reserved greeting, but intimate.  I also notice how she is ready for the hug to be over well before he is, when she releases a hand and adjusts her hair.  Then they interlock fingers, which is something she does with Ben.  I believe there are mixed messages and this is a clear case where internally she is undecided and unsure of her decisions.

In my opinion JP and Ben will be in the finals of this season.◦