Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Michele Bachmann Denies "Debilitating" Migraines

While I cannot definitely say if she is telling the truth or lying about her migraines, I can tell you she is under a great deal of stress.  I see two things that give me pause, but normally we like to see three things to definitely state that it is likely she is not telling the truth.

Watch the above video and notice the area above her right eye, see the line form, this is a clear sign of stress.

When one eyebrow raises more than the other we call this a "skeptics eyebrow" - she may be skeptical of her own words. As always we must be careful to compare what we see in the above video to her baseline, so here is a screen shot from a video where we do not see this expression.

When I look at other videos where she is interacting with people, or speaking in front of the camera I do not see this expression, occasionally I see stress.  Stress usually starts on the right side of her eyebrows and will move over to the left, but the differences between the two eyebrows are never as large as we see in the above video when she is speaking about her migraines.