Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Maid Speaks Out: Dominique Strauss-Kahn Rape

I can see why the charges were dropped.

When she is describing the encounter she is actually leaning forward and her head is held high. This is something you would not expect, you'd expect some negative emotions; people who have been raped do not want to talk about it because it is very traumatic and emotionally draining.

Also she does not say "no" to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, just that she doesn't want to lose her job- this is not as clear- and I hope this was not a misunderstanding of cultures.

She shows more emotion when she is speaking about her speculation that "They are going to kill me," rather than the actual attack?!?!

She then says she wants justice, but this contradicts her fear. 

She also states, "God as my witness," in reference to her being a prostitute and this is a hot spot to deception (use of God). 

Overall I see at least 3-4 things that I would consider hot spots which leads me to believe she is being less than truthful about the circumstances.◦


Michael said...

She is almost comical with her flamboyant story, and they way she tells it.

Funniest part was when she was asked if she was a prostitute. A BIG back-forth headshake indicating yes she is, and then of course the "My whole life no one has ever called me that."

so hard to believe that the cops would believe this liar to begin with.

Laurie Endicott Thomas said...

It's been sickening to see all the people from privileged backgrounds making judgmental comments about a woman who has faced such struggles in her life.

Isn't it possible that she is a strong and resilient person who has already survived a lot of abuse in her life and has decided that she isn't going to take any more?

The "negative emotions" you expect to see relate to shame, which is the emotional state that corresponds to being in a subordinate social position. To me, it seems as if she is expressing "insubordination." She is being "uppity." This kind of attitude from a black woman tends to evoke really ugly reactions from white people.

Jovella said...

"God as my witness" is a common phrase used in many African countries, it does not mean a person is lying within those cultures.
Flamboyant??? Please, the criticism against this brave woman involves a lot of cultural misunderstanding. Regardless of whatever she has done in the past, it does not mean that she wasn't raped or assaulted.
Instead of analyzing her, why don't you analyze all the other women who have come forward with similar experiences against THE SAME MAN!!!!

John said...

I'm very sure about these type of cases, before I make a comment about them. I always error on the side of the victim, and give the victim benefit of the doubt. I wait until I see hotspots and then I want to see several of them.

I am not privileged, I'm more of a scientist of deception and know it when I see it.

Use of common phrases or cliches are often signs of deception; it depends if it is part of the subject's normal choice of words and phrases in different or similar situations.

Oh, one other point: Hotel Maid Admits Lying, saying 'I wasn't under oath' was released within the last 24 hours of this comment post.

It is terrible to be a victim, I've had to see the pain and suffering first hand, and I think it is a slap in the face of all true victims when someone falsely reports a heinous crime.

Laurie Endicott Thomas said...

You aren't privileged? Really? Are you a female semi-literate unskilled laborer who emigrated from a war-torn Third World country? The very fact that you have had enough education to present yourself as a scientist of any kind suggests that you have had a lot of resources and educational opportunities that aren't available to every human being on the planet. Those opportunities are privileges, and privileges like that can warp your perspective. Even your assumptions about truthfulness and justice suggest that you grew up in a privileged setting, where certain basic principles of human rights and justice were respected, at least for people like yourself. The accuser in the DSK case came from a completely different world from yours. What makes you think you can understand her?