Friday, July 29, 2011

FBI Search for N.H. Girl: What I See

When I first saw the above video I had to replay the vigil footage of the parents, before I went further. I wanted to see him again. See how he stressfully blows out air, see him lower his head to his wife- see if he was hiding his face, and why he wasn't facing towards the main vocal point of the vigil. I thought it could be his attempt to fight for control and composure- not wanting to break down in public.

Then I heard that he had a diagnosis of schizophrenia and all the alarm bells went off for me. If you are unfamiliar with schizophrenia click on the link the the last sentence. In a nutshell, it is a mental issue where the person doesn't always have clear thought processes and emotional responses. Let me say that most people can be helped with effective treatment, and lead a normal life.

There are breaking points (loss of job, loss of relationship, loss of close parent, etc.) for people who have this issue and snap violently. Having a step daughter can be a stressful situation, especially an eleven year old who is growing up.

I see towards the end of the video, her stepfather actually look around. Usually when I see this it is a person looking for an exit strategy.

Now when the authorities say the stepfather "is not listed as a suspect," we know those closest to the victim are ALWAYS suspects, so the police are purposely stating this to put the family/him at ease. This is a great strategy to learn more and more (and interact with any potential suspects) as long as possible and gain valuable information that could be helpful in the future.

From a strictly criminal profile point of view, given the environment of being a close knit community, and when she was last seen and likely abduction time, and police and FBI officials are saying that there is no evidence at this time that Celina was taken, abducted or that a struggle ensued, the first places that investigators would look is:

  • Family members
  • An adult neighbor who had watched her from a distance and had opportunity to wait for the right time to abduct.
  • Less likely, would be someone in the construction or services trade, who are mobile by nature, who stumbled upon her in "recent" past and planned to commit the abduction.
What I see of her stepfather is LIMITED so by no means conclusive; but what I do see makes me curious.  Not to worry, the FBI Child Abduction Response Team is the best of the best, and they are the best chance to finding out the truth to what happened to this poor little girl.◦