Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jaycee Dugard's Book

Amazing story of survival. I see a couple of micro expressions, letting me know that while she appears to be doing well, she still has some ways to go, who wouldn't?

I read the book and can recommend it for anyone who wants to understand the mind of predators (Phillip and Nancy Garrido) and the enduring spirit to survive... and understand more about Stockholm's Syndrome and why she never ran or screamed out who she was those few times she was in public.

As someone  who studies criminal behavior there are some things that stand out about this case:

  •   Phillip Garrido's choice to be a pedophile was made because children are easily targets, can be manipulated, can be overpowered and controlled, and there is more opportunity to kidnap a child  compared to an adult.  Phillip was not interested in her innocence.
  • Phillip and Nancy had some sort of nurturing drive-albeit sick-  and Jaycee was part of this.  They considered the kidnapping and imprisonment as a sort of family unit. Many kidnapped victims that are held for a period longer than 2-24 hours in confinement are usually murdered when the perpetrator becomes bored with them or fears that having possession of them will result in their arrest.  They never were bored and she never said they said or acted like she was a burden to them.  In fact it appears there were other opportunities where they could have kidnapped another girl but did not (it was released that Nancy would lure little girls into their van where they would video tape the little girl doing things like the splits).
  • "Possession" in the above paragraph is a key word, to captors they are not thought of as another human being, but rather another possession.  The choice of victim is very important, some criminals choose who is easiest to obtain (prostitute, older individual, or child), or what they normally would not be able to obtain through a normal relationship.
  • Phillip was an undiagnosed Violent Psychopath, if you are unsure of what this is I can highly recommend Former FBI Agent, Joe Navarro's Kindle Edition of How to Spot a Psychopath (2011 2nd Edition)where he outlines a 150 point checklist.  Phillip Garrido meets roughly 95% of the items on the checklist.
  • Many manipulative 'techniques' that captors normally use use were not used by the Garridos: such as your parents do not want you back;  I will hurt or kill your family; there is a group of people that will hurt you if you try to escape- and will hurt your family; etc.  Only once- it was mentioned- that he employed a fear tactic by saying , he may have to sell her to others who will keep her in a cage, so she would not cry as much during the abuse.
  • There are eerie similarities between Jaycee's and Elizabeth Smart's captivity, among them include: Both captors thought they were communicating with God; both captors had odd enough personalities and piercing eyes, so people avoided contact with them; and both had wives that allowed and help the captors commit the ongoing crimes.

I feel for Jaycee and hope that she can overcome this and lead a happy life.

I highly recommend Jaycee's book.