Friday, June 22, 2012

Alleged Sandusky Victim Breaks His Silence

First off there is odd moment in the interview but I will save that one until the end of this post.

Somethings to notice:
  • Eye Directional Clues: As I've said in the past not everyone gives off eye directional clues, but when they do it becomes obvious and is fairly consistent.  Notice when he looks down and to the left, this is a sign of emotion.  Notice when he looks to the right, this is a sign of remembering something auditory. 
  • His eyes are expressive. Notice the intensity even when they are walking in the park. He doesn't blink all that often, so try to notice if his blink rate changes, this would be a sign of nervousness or stress. 
  • When asked about Dottie Sandusky he paints a picture I see all to frequently from people that are abused. The victim always says something like he does here- how could she not know- then falls just short of assigning blame or responsibility.  As he speaks,  I am reminded of Nancy Garrido the wife of Phillip Garrido, the kidnappers who  held Jaycee Dugard captive for 18 years.  Nancy Garrido also was cold and detached from the victim, and distanced themselves from from  both the victim and the situation.
  • When asked directly about his law suit, notice the unconscious head shake no, he shows us the most emotion of the interview. His pace of speech increases,  he speaks freely, the eye directions...  See the subtle sadness in his eye brows. You can tell he is thinking, but he is truly thinking and speaking freely.
  • Notice the interviewer when she says, "This stuff is really uncomfortable to talk about."  She has either been taught by the best, or is a natural.  She displays a subtle smallish wink which lets the interviewee know she is with him emotionally, and then subtle squint which is eye blocking because of the nature of content of this interview.
Now the part that will throw some people off- right away- that is odd- but then again not so odd when examined closely. It is when he is asked what he would do if Jerry Sandusky was here and he responds with, "I would punch him in the mouth," then smiles.  Some people will believe that it doesn't fit the emotional context of the content.  But if it was edited as it happened, and you see in the cutaway to the reporter, you can see she is subtly smiling with the corners of her mouth.  He could be mimicking her.  But I watched this part of the interview several times and I believe this was a LIE.  Let me now say,  I think I see raw intensity throughout the interview, and an honest person.  I think we are seeing dupers delight here, because he wouldn't be able to punch him in the mouth because deep down inside,  a part of him is still that 10 year old who was controlled, manipulated, and scared of Sandusky.  

He was there and it happened to him. He is being truthful about everything that matters.