Monday, June 18, 2012

Lance Armstrong's Lie of Omission

"...passed more than 500 drug tests and never failed one."

What he is being accused of is the manipulation of his blood, which in layman's terms is withdrawing blood and then reinserting it in the body so there is more oxygen flowing white blood cells which helps endurance. This is not an activity that can be "drug tested."  

I had previously commented on a teammate who appeared on the television show Sixty Minutes as not showing signs of deception.

Here is the sad thing- he was the best athlete and proved it over and over again, and he was doing something that a majority of the competitors were doing.  His legacy will be forever tarnished. There is work being done to test for the smallest amount of plastic in the blood, because the blood is stored in plastic bags, until this is perfected no test can be done to show that blood manipulation has occurred.

If you look at all his statements on the subject it is clear his definitions of the key words are skewed.  He has justified certain actions as okay, because they involved not introducing "things" that were not a part of his body, or could be produced by his body at one time.