Friday, June 22, 2012

Notice Of An Upcoming Post: George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin What Happenned

I'm announcing that within a week I will be posting analysis of the two videos released earlier. One is a video of a reenactment on the scene of what happen the night of the incident, made by the police. Another is a video of his interview with the police the night the incident occurred.

My associate and I just watched both videos and came to some conclusions about what really occurred that night.  Using statement analysis we were able to provide more clarity to the events of the evening.  

I do not think what we found will drastically change the people's existing opinion about the people involved in the incident. 

Lastly, because of the polarizing and political aspects of this case we will not respond to any media or any inquires from those associated with this case.  All inquiries will be ignored.



Jon-David said...

I haven't followed the case much since he was arrested, but I wanted to post my thoughts on what happened so I can compare to your analysis.

I think he was attacked, his injuries are real. The rest of his story doesn't make sense. Him getting out of his car to check what street he was on (there's only 3 streets in that whole complex, and how long did he live there?), getting attacked from behind (if you look at Google Maps there's no where Trayvon could hide before his "surprise attack"), and Treyvon saying "you got me" are all lies designed to shade the truth to fit a self defense claim (it's possible Trayvon said "you shot me" and he misheard, but it's still most likely a lie given the rest of his story).

Following someone at night in your car, then getting out and following them on foot is one of the most threatening gestures you can do. I think that's exactly what he did, then initiated a confrontation with Trayvon. Feeling threatened Trayvon attacked, then Martin shot him. It's speculation but I think it's the most likely sequence of events.

I'll be interested to see how my conclusions match your analysis of the videos.