Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tampa Bay's Relief Pitcher, Joel Peralta Ejected from Game: Possible Worst Statement Ever

Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon was clearly upset with the umpires on the field, and afterward he called Johnson ''cowardly'' for requesting the check of the reliever who pitched for the Nationals in 2010.
''Insider trading, man. It's bush,'' Maddon said. ''It's bogus. That's way too easy, right there.''
Peralta did not directly answer when asked if he intentionally added pine tar to the glove.
''That's a glove that I use for batting practice every day,'' he said. ''I'm every day playing catch with it, it's hot here - that's all I'm going to say about it.''

Where to start? 

Let's start with the manager's statement, "insider trading" 
What?!?! When someone starts talking like Gary Busey, watch out-  They are either crazy or dealing with a very sensitive topic and avoiding the question.
"That's way too easy, right there," is a quasi admission of guilt. 

Now onto Mr. Peralta.  Answer the question, would you?!?!? if you didn't do it you'd simply say NO. Not some song and dance about batting practice, with it EVERY DAY thrown in?!?! That makes me want to believe you,  EVERY DAY, but of course.
Lastly Peralta, "...that's all I'm going to say about it."  
Like most liars, all you want to do is move one and not talk about it anymore.

A toddler can pull off a more convincing lie. 

I never knew you existed until I read about this incident online, but trying to get an unfair advantage in the game of baseball in my book is as bad as players using steroids- at least with steroids the athlete is also punishing themselves, all but guaranteeing future health issues. 
Karma is a kicker. Every batter you face in your future will be thinking about this incident, and that will throw off your game- unless you're are a sociopath...