Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Congressman Bob Etheridge Caught In A Physical Confrontation

I would suggest watching the video the first time without the sound on so you can pay closer attention to the non verbal communication occurring between the congressman and student.

This is a video showing a "man" who someone elected to Washington DC, lose his cool...

While walking the congressman does not appear confident, instead he is often looking down at the ground. It could be he is lost in thought, given the irrational reaction to the question what he was thinking about just prior to the confrontation is significant. It is rare for someone who holds a political office to walk with his head pointed towards the ground, and not looking forward.

You can see him display a micro expression of anger (wide eyes and tight lips) right before his face is out of the frame.

It is interesting how he is focusing on the camera instead of the student at this point.

When he has a hold of the student's wrist you can see him display arrogance by lifting his chin and looking down on the student. He is twisting away from the student in a further way to show his dominance and bring the student very close to the him- the student has no option but to move closer to him.

He then jerks his hand to move him even closer, at which time he grabs his neck and pulls him into a side by side hug. You can see the students' hands open up instinctively displaying that he is no threat.◦