Saturday, June 5, 2010

High Confidence Shown Here; and a Bit of Disgust

Russian State Duma in session

Russian education minister Andrei Fursenko at a plenary meeting of the Russian State Duma.

Anytime we feel so comfortable to place our hands behind our head as seen in the above picture it is a sign of high confidence. First it is an anti gravity pose; secondly it opens up his torso to the world (and to attack); and lastly whenever we place our bands behind us (as royalty often has, especially behind their backs) it is saying I am completely comfortable.

Notice the lips, they are showing some disgust. I searched online for other pictures of this guy and found a more neutral facial expressions (because some people's lips naturally are formed in a disgust shape) and found the following picture:
PM Putin visits city of Tyumen

So I think we can be clear he is feeling disgust.◦