Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kyron Horman Family Speaks: Why the person who did this will not get away with it! Mistakes were made!

"The search for Kyron Horman entered its fifth day Wednesday as searchers continued to work to find the 7-year-old boy who disappeared after a science fair at his elementary school in a rural area of Portland, Ore." -ABC News

One thing is clear there is real emotion coming through their voices and body language.

From a statement analysis perspective it is clear what is going on here...

The police have asked the family to give these statements. It is also clear the FBI is working with closely with them and is guiding what is being said.

There was a similar case that occurred some 30 years ago in Ohio in a community about 15 miles from Lake Erie; it was a small community and it was clear at the time to the FBI the Perpetrator was someone who was a volunteer and had inserted himself into the investigation and search efforts so he could learn how close they were to determining he had kidnapped the girl.

The investigators are attempting to personalize this by having the family read a statement/note TO Kyron. They have likely told the family it is possible that Kyron may actually hear what they say, if he is still alive. The investigators want to show some of the emotional pain the family is experiencing because if the perpetrator is feeling guilty- adding to it will help them find him. They are looking for changes in behavior and appearances. They are contacting employers to see who has been absent from work since Kyron disappeared.

They also suspect the perpetrator is someone they have already interviewed, this is why they are thanking those that have been interviewed countless times- It allows and explains the need for more and more interviews with the same people. It is interesting he specifically mentions the bus driver, if the bus driver was seen in the school before the science fair in the morning it is very significant. If he was not, this could be a strategy to deflect the direction of their true 'person of interest' such as someone else who worked at the school.

It is likely the perpetrator is someone whom the family members come into contact with on a regular basis, but he is not close to the family, and the family may not even know his actual name. The investigators have probably told the family to carry on with their normal routines (as much as possible) and keep a log of everyone they speak with and come in contact with; it is likely the perpetrator will offer support. It may even be the first time this person has actually spoken with them, but they likely recognize them as someone 'familiar.' When this person speaks with them there will be genuine concern and emotion in his voice, gestures, and message- this is the only time the perpetrator can let his emotion and feelings be shown.

The Prayer Vigil was video taped and investigators were in attendance.

If they do not 'find' him in the next several weeks, they will look closely at anyone who moves away from the community (known to the investigation) in the coming months and years.

This was a crime of opportunity, made possible by the science fair. This does not necessarily mean that the perpetrator was not an employee of the school... it is just as likely- that because of the many visitors to the school that morning- he felt he would not automatically become a suspect.

It is likely the perpetrator was himself a victim of childhood sexual abuse. It is unlikely that the perpetrator has a record. It is likely the perpetrator exercises and takes pride in his appearance.

If Kyron is dead, the perpetrator is bothered and feels guilty about the way he disposed of the body and he wants him to have a proper burial. This will be the largest part of his remorse and guilt and he will think of this often and it will hard for him to accept.

This person has not appeared in interviews or on camera.

The final chilling thought... the person who did this will likely read this post. In the same way he has inserted himself into the investigation, made contact with the family, and has been interviewed... he will seek out any information that may tell him how close they are to finding him. As he reads these sentences he will become agitated and extremely nervous. He will think what mistakes?!?! We will have his IP address, location, Internet service provider, search words used in search engines, etc. and this can be cross referenced with the large database of people that has been created for this case.

Keywords inserted to increase the odds that search engines will lead the perpetrator to this post: babysitter, elementary, nurse, doctor, psychologist, principal, librarian, shop, cook, janitor, secretary, teacher, custodians, substitute, delivery, assistant, driver, coach, student, student teacher, friend, police, security, parents, paper, gym, work, scouts, sports, peer, friend, work, bus, home, apartment, house, volunteer, clerk, store, dad, mom, family, hobbies, gifted, camping, camp, prayer vigil, waitress, restaurant, neighbor, worker, construction, car, media, newspaper, truck, store room, basement, locker room, cafeteria, music room, stage, theater, library, shop, audio, visual, computer, education, office, conference room, study hall, detection, playground, woods, road, interstate, shallow grave, body, decomposing, rape, molest, brutalized, abuse, sexual offenders, psychology, anal, antisocial, sadist, bondage, arrest, genetic, evidence, closer, grand jury, FBI, Federal, Behavioral Science Unit, cruel, exhibition, pedophiles, hebephiles, personality disorders, photography, trophy, profile, profiler, behavioral, closing in, surveillance, testing, lab, results, suspect, person of interest, surveillance.