Friday, June 4, 2010

Poker Series: Happy Feet

I'm beginning to think that the only people taking the time to learn about body language are poker players. I play the game but usually online, because I like the mathematics of the game and let's just leave it at that.

One of the biggest tells in ANYTHING, not just poker, is happy feet. The feet and legs are the least concentrated part of the body (when people are trying to conceal emotion) and it is where leakage is most likely to occur. Think of a 2-4 year old who just got a new present, he/she cannot stop running in place they are so excited.

Even if you cannot see the feet you can usually tell by looking at slight movements in the shoulders; there is even one professional player who has long hair and every 500-600 hands shows happy feet by a barely perceptible three or four bounces of his hair that lays on his shoulders.

One note of caution for the detective or manager using body language to be better at your job- moving feet or fidgeting feet can signal a desire to remove oneself from the room, or boredom so please take the movement of feet and legs in the context that you observe it.

While playing cards, especially when first looking at dealt cards or after the flop, and... "happy feet are seen or felt- you're not to happy with what is dealt."