Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gerry McCann's Denial of the use of Cold Medicine

Reporter Sandra Feligueras for RTP television asks the McCann's whether they gave the children something to help them sleep. Gerry denies it.

David wrote me and asked me to take a look at the above short video- and it is a good one!

There is something we always say when looking for deception- CLUSTERS one "hotspot" does not make a liar, but when we see three or more things that do not match what is being said we have a good idea that there is deception.

Gerry states that he is not going to comment then proceeds to comment- there are limits to what he is willing to say. Why is he placing limits on what he is willing to say?

Whenever someone uses words like "absolutely" when denying something we are put on guard. When someone feels the need to "pump up" their denial they are not confident in what they are saying. A honest person could simply say no....

When answering he is not looking directly at the interviewer and actually turns his head away, but notice the eye dart to the interviewer- people will do this to check how their lies are being accepted. When lying we need to gauge if we need to be more on guard, or if confrontation is likely, or if we are getting away with the lie...

Then he touches his ear. I have seen this many times when someone is saying something -or hearing something- they do not like to hear. He doesn't like hearing his answer.

His wife is also not acting confident, or outraged by the question... she is guarded.◦